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Hymns of the Season Volume 1

Jesus, Ground of Faith

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St. Paul's Music Conservatory (SPMC) is a parish-based Music Conservatory located in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The mission of St. Paul’s Music Conservatory is to raise up the next generation of musicians for the Church and community in the following ways: 1) By providing professional studio lessons and service-based music performance opportunities. 2) By creating resources for music development within churches and schools. 3) By creating fundraising resources and strategies for churches and schools in order to support music development. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church established the Conservatory in 2009 specifically for the development of church musicians and as an outreach to the community. At the printing of this piano book, SPMC has 12 faculty members and nearly 90 students who take weekly lessons in piano, organ, guitar, voice, strings, winds, brass or percussion. Once proficient on their instrument, students at SPMC are intentionally placed in positions of performance for their own development and as a service to others. Conservatory students regularly share their music throughout the broader community, especially in area churches. One way of raising up more musicians for the Church and community is to establish similar parish-based music conservatories across the United States and in the foreign mission field. If you are a pastor, missionary, musician, professor, parent or teacher, you may be the one to help stimulate the teaching of music in your parish. If you have an interest in encouraging young musicians for service in the Church and community, consider how you can use this piano book and other resources found at

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