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Cutthroat Broadhead - Screw-In - Left Bevel - 150gr

Screw-In - Left Bevel - 150gr

Product Description

This broadhead design has been around for a long time. It is time tested and proven. Cutthroat Broadheads have taken this deadly broadhead design and produced it with the tools of today. It is machined out of one piece of solid steel. No welds or braze lines to fail. No crooked ferrules. No weak spots. All Cutthroat Broadheads are sold with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If it bends or breaks it will be replaced, no questions asked. Broadhead Features: Made in USA Machined from one piece of 100% steel for maximum strength Non curling, cut on contact, tanto tip Teflon coated 25° tapered bevel for bone splitting penetration

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Name: Cutthroat Broadhead - Screw-In - Left Bevel - 150gr
Price: 45.95 USD
Condition: new
Size: 150gr
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Brand: Cutthroat Broadheads
Barcode #: 210000013492
Category: Archery
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