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Buff Mermaid Soak Bombs

Epsom salt bath bombs for your workout recovery

Product Description

Hot and Cold therapy has shown to significantly treat lower back pain ¹ and increase circulation to muscles after stressful exercise.  Hot baths are also associated with increased health, potentially replicating a 30-minute workout, and have found to lower blood pressure. ²  Drop in a Buff Mermaid Soak Bomb into your next bath.  Our Epsom salt formula will add nutrients to your bath while kelp nourishes, giving you silky smooth skin. 6 x bombs in every box include:  Abatement (Peppermint Cream), Circulation (Eucalyptus), and Repose (Rose Water)

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Name: Buff Mermaid Soak Bombs
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Size: 6 count
Age group: adults
Gender: female
Brand: Buff Mermaid
Barcode #: 752830617926
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