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Brew Yums - 6 Ounces

100% All Natural Dog Treats

Product Description

Brew yums are delicious, tasty treats that dogs love. The primary ingredient in Brew Yums is love, obviously, as Brew Yums are made by friends with the support of their pups. The second primary ingredient are spent grains, a product procured from the beer brewing process (Brew Yums do not contain alcohol). During the brewing process, the grains are boiled to remove the sugar. The grains (now sugar-less) exit their role in the brewing process and enter their new role in the baking process, where they are mixed with a few simple, all-natural ingredients, including: peanut butter, wheat flour, and eggs. We then bake them to perfection, and off they go on their mission to please owners and pups across the world!

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Name: Brew Yums - 6 Ounces
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