The following barcode verification APPs are FREE to download and recommended by Please choose either Apple iOS or Android edition.

Verify My Barcode (iOS)

Instant, Accurate, Barcode ownership verification

Verify My Barcode (Android)

The Verify My Barcode APP will provide the most accurate barcode ownership data available.

The Barcode APP (iOS)

BarcodeAPP is the world’s most popular Barcode Verification APP.

The Barcode APP (Android)

Simply open the APP, point your smartphone at a product’s barcode, and tap the screen.

BarcodeVerifyApp (iOS)

Barcode Verify APP provides instant verification of aUPC, EAN, or GTIN barcode's ownership.

BarcodeVerifyApp (Android)

Instant, accurate, barcode ownership verification.

TheBarcodeRegistryVerify (Android)

The Barcode Registry's Official Verification App provices immediate ownership details on millions of UPC, EAN, and GTIN barcodes.