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Medicine Timer

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The ADD-ON MEDICINE TIMER is a patented device invented by a Registered Pharmacist for use with all medicine containers. This product is designed to help patients properly administer their medications at the right time by automatically displaying the time interval since the last dose. All drugs are safest and most effective when used exactly as directed on the original dispensing label. Adverse drug reactions and therapeutic failures are commonly the results of improper medication administration intervals. The ADD-ON MEDICINE TIMER is introduced to provide simple assistance for timely medication administration. No redistribution of medication from the original container, as dispensed from the pharmacy or manufacturer, is necessary. Nor does the ADD-ON MEDICINE TIMER require replacement of the original container lid. This product is compatible with all types of child safety and non-child safety closures. The device can be used on both solid and liquid containers of all prescription and OTC medications. Additionally, the ADD-ON MEDICINE TIMER is reliable, easy to use, and does not require programming or set- up, other than the initial attachment to an existing container lid. The ADD-ON MEDICINE TIMER is thereby safer for the consumer to use than any other available adherence product, such as cassettes or alarm sounding timers, because the ADD-ON MEDICINE TIMER is immune to possible errors of redistribution, relabeling, and programming. Once attached, the twisting or downward movement of closing the medicine container lid acts as the start button on a stopwatch. A digital readout indicates elapsed hours and minutes of lid closure. Simple inspection of the readout allows you to make an informed decision as to whether or not the next dose of medication is appropriate according to originally labeled instructions. Thus, this product is a passive device that provides additional, objective information that is important to the medication administration decision. The lack of programming and ease of use makes this device attractive to many users, including seniors. The ADD-ON MEDICINE TIMER is especially useful for medicines for ADHD and high blood pressure. Use of this product adds safety to the proper administration all medications from children's liquid medicines to opioid pain prescriptions. Have you ever started your day then tried to remember if you took your morning dose? Many people end up either missing their daily pill or taking the dose several times because they got distracted and cannot remember the event. Busy households and settings with multiple caregivers have embraced the added safety value of using this new product. How long since the last dose? The ADD-ON MEDICINE TIMER displays the answer and delivers “Peace of Mind.”

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